NPIRL re-blogged: Meeeaaann Kittiezzz…

Cats are predators. So, I hope that I am speaking on behalf of the whole species when I come right out and say it like I see it: Enough of all this hello kitty stuff in the metaverse – pleeaaaasse! We are not cute little kitties – we are big nasty meeeeaaannn old catzzzzzzzz!

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, under the horrified gaze of all present company, off we go to carnivore land!
teeeee heeeee….

The Demonic Cat avatar comes in both light and dark shades. Of course, one gets the dark one!

The Latex Mew has nasty little fangs, a spiky tail creepy enough to put the fear of God into the Devil himself and huge huge huge stomp-over-everything-in-sight paw boots. Oh, and it certainly wouldn’t do to forget to mention those utterly lovely boxing glove paws, a good enough size to do justice to any little old altercation…

The tail as larder: Sorry folks, I ate the fish… And yup! While I was at it, I also ate Tweety. Odious little fluffball!!!… Oh yes, the mice! Those I am saving for later. I tend to get somewhat peckish just around bedtime you know…

And speaking of rodents, I simply cannot emphasize this point strongly or often enough: There is no such thing as having too many mice!

It shows a sad state of affairs when you cannot be secure even on your own island! This tomcat came flying out of nowhere and put me into this dreadful state. Even my tail is in a cast! Reason? He seemed to be upset about the contents of this very post, said it was giving us Nekos a bad rep! One of those politically correct cats no doubt.

However… R.I.P. old boy…

… took care of his sanctimonious little derriere pronto pronto! Here’s where it actually happened… And of course, I did not leave any trace evidence! Watched my share of CSI episodes as diligently as the next person, haven’t I?

Demonic Cat and Latex Mew avatars: June Dion
Neko tails: selena Chastity, Purrrfect Kitties
Mice Boots: Cyia Kanami at Purrrrfect Kitties
Neko arm sling, casts and collar: Akasha Wachmann
Neko Crime Scene: Cinemaniac Voom
(Please click on names for teleport locations)

Originally posted on the NPIRL blog on December 23, 2008.


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