The Tales of Ruysch

I do not normally put info about stuff which I make on this blog, but wanted to do so now anyway. I am having a really good time with this and have been spending most of my time lately noodling around with it. So here it is:
The Tales of Ruysch

And you can read more on what this is all about here:

And an important disclaimer, which is already written into the page above, as well as into the actual site:

The aim of The Tales of Ruysch is nothing more than to create entertainment for me, it’s assembler. It is a frivolous (21st century -hhh) rococo folly and should not be seen as an ambitiously serious undertaking but rather as tongue-in-cheek play with material borrowed from here and there, ruthlessly chopped up and re-assembled to suit my needs, involving my many avatars as its actors. If anything, a funny sort of a doll’s theater.


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