New hero: Ben Lewis

I have a new idol – incidentally yet another good thing thrown my way by Naxos Loon: Ben Lewis. I sort of knew of him before, but, thanks to the ape, the last few days I have been living and breathing Ben Lewis.

His documentary ‘The Great Contemporary Art Bubble’, which is how I had vaguely heard of him previously, is still outside my reach, outside of a tiny trailer on youtube that is. He is selling it on his website as a DVD and I will probably be trundling over there to order my copy as soon as I am done posting this. I have watched one of his Art Safari films just now, this one about Takashi Murakami.

Superflat? I’ll say it is… So, apparently, the Japanese became superflat because they got zapped by the A-bomb. That’s what they claim in there. What happened to the rest of humanity then, I wonder?

Nothing more to add. Ben Lewis speaks straight out of my heart!


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