RL: vitroid's Panorma Stitches

I will be tackling my ultra fave panorama stitcher, my beloved cousin, friend and colleague Murat Germen eventually as a “good thing” in his own right – ergo, not just as a photographer but as an all around amazing human being. However today I want to talk about yet another panorama artist –  vitroid:

By his own definition Mr. Masakazu “Matto” Matsumoto, aka. vitroid, is:

A piper.
A maker.
A cyclist.
A sleeper.
A creater.
A creature.
A wanderer.
A dataminer.
A programmer.
A digital photographer.
And a (not deadly mad) scientist.

I spotted vitroid’s flickr photostream quite by accident as I was uploading one of my own meager efforts onto one of the many panorama pools over there. And I have been keeping him in my contact’s list, as a friend, ever since then, although I do not know this person in any life – second or first! I want to be aware whenever he posts something new you see… So here, without further ado, is some of his output – and the rest can be seen here on his flickr.

As seen above, nothing seems to escape Mr. Matsumoto’s gimlet eye: A boring flight on a Boeing brings forth the image directly above, a NY street turns itself into one of his “planets”, a train becomes a snail, the shadow cast by a doorway in a park some kind of a Miroesque slipper beastie and then finally (furthest above), a quasi-kitsch Leonardo pastiche sculpture becomes a remarkable study in perspective and split composition. A lot of humor, a lot of observational skill, a lot of power of associative thinking and imagination – really just a lot of overall “good stuff”.

And then less humorous and whimsical, but no less effective for the harmony and balance which they convey (and not to even mention the gorgeous sense of color that vitroid is obviously in possession of) are the ones above. I especially like the tiled carpet which vitroid captured at Tokyo airport, but the gothic high ceiling is no mean feat of visuality either.

A very “good thing” indeed is Mr. Matsumoto’s flickr stream!


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