Teeee heeee… Got me another "Good one"!

There are people in this world you have got the love! Regardless of whether they live right next door to you or halfway across the globe in a, to you, unknown location! Not only is the person under discussion here a really good designer but also a good Samaritan!

I pounced upon this theme, which is called “aligned” and which really does live up to it’s name, on the very first day I went theme hunting after I upgraded my wordpress account. Unfortunately this theme, in it’s original format, has been designed in such a way that it holds ads. Google ad-sense things between the posts and also up top. And then also some on the sidebar. I briefly snooped around the code, realized it went far beyond my comprehension, became disappointed, gave up.

Then, the other day, when I was searching for themes that support category hierarchies, I looked at “aligned” again and decided to contact the designer. And, just now I received a zipped package in my email, telling me to try this one instead; ran off and installed it  – and not an ad in sight! Changed the rotating images up top, tweaked the sidebar widgets a bit… And voila! Here it is!

Thank you so much WP Pro!

So, I will be rotating between this one and the dark piano one and everything will be quite perfect. Except for that misaligned search box on the other one! grrr… Need to get one of my engineering students to fiddle that code a bit when the semester starts back up!

Note: Well, yes. Not sure whether having my SL/RL visage in colorized rotation up on the header is quite the thing to do. Very me me me that… However, the RL/SL juxtaposition really fits the agenda here, you know? Especially since I do intend to put RL “Good Things” in here as well? Hummm… I guess, they will have to stay put until I figure out what else to put there which is both RL and SL.


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