Good Things

I have the flu. And it has been malingering for the past month or so, sometimes better sometimes worse. These past few days definitely worse.

So anyway, I am lying in bed, thinking of this that and the other. And… The last two posts have given me an idea. Why don’t I write about things which I like? Which others have made? Not an NPIRL-alike obviously. Nothing that thematic and well organized. Something much more random and haphazard. Also RL stuff, not just SL. Anything and everything that catches my fancy, that I buy or see or hear or read?

Of course, the one minor fly in the ointment is that what you like is in the end all about “you” also. Particularly with things that you appropriate. And quite a bit of this would inevitably be about stuff which I have somehow appropriated, as in bought, for instance. So, in this very convoluted way, it may still all be about me me me. But hey, the convoluted part of the equation may make all the difference here! Right? Anyway, I am going to start giving this a go… Soon…

*sniffle/sneeze*… oh dear…

2 hours later, continued:

Now I am beginning to get excited about this. So, fever shmever, couldn’t stay in bed, came crawling back out and created a whole bunch of sub-categories and a main category I am calling Good Things. And, funnily enough, there already seems to be some stuff here on this blog that can be classified like this. Great!

Only problem, I need to use a theme which shows category hierarchies, which my ultra-fave wordpress theme mnml does not! grrrr…

I will probably be adding categories as they occur to me. Also taking some out or changing names. Like I do not like “art” and “design” at all. Very pretentious sounding they are! Have to think of something else for those for sure.

hhh… fixed! Art has become  Places, which will also cover installations and architecture very nicely. If and when I write about art that hangs on a wall, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Doesn’t seem very likely somehow… Design is more problematic, since I will probably be talking about design related things 99% of the time. So, probably this has to end up becoming a lot of different ones. Like clothes, vehicles, hair, bla bla…

Teeeee heeeee… Having a blast here!

And the best one of them all? People of course! What else?


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