Oh God!!!!

Here I am! About to be flayed alive!

These people are all cream of the cream, top of crop researchers from places like the Fraunhofer Instititue, talking about stuff like 3D streaming video resarch and mega-scale bandwidth optimization! I think I am the only one who will walk up there and talk about something that is not cutting edge telecommunication R & D! I feel like a total dunce!

Oh God! My derriere is totally totally fried!

Update: 4 hours later and it is over. How did it go? hmmm… Crash and burn would about some it up, I suppose. Not to mince words, they didn’t care for what I had to say one tiny little bit. Also, the fact that I read my presentation hasn’t helped much: What I talk about can be classified as research based in Arts and Social Sciences and with that type of stuff one always reads, since one is quoting most of the time anyway. With engineers this goes over like a lead baloon since they usually present their personal research output and therefore can just go ahead and talk. Even the lectern was not set up for giving a “read” presentation so I had to look sidewise/down at some kind of prompting screen set up at my foot!

It was a disaster. Pure and simple. Not even a hhh to soften the mood, I’m afraid… ouch.


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