My new students

The new academic year is into its second week and I have just come home from a full day’s teaching. Usually this is a moment when I only want to crawl into bed: The campus is located 60kms outside of the city whereas I live smack in the center of it. The traffic is horrendous pretty much all day and particularly so in the evenings and my last class finishes at 19.30. On a bad day it can take up to 3 hours to get back home. So, really one is entitled to one’s bed when one walks in the door, but I am in such a good mood about this years crop of students that I am actually still sitting here dashing off a post.

My new graduate class: Usually I only have one or two at the most, but this year I have 5! And that is great in itself since a group always creates its own synergy. And this group seems to be a good one on top of that: Naz, who is no stranger to this blog anyway, a very feisty chick and oodles of talent to boot. Sinan, who wants to know everything – Mr. Inquisitive he is – hhh. Not a thing gets mentioned without him immediately pricking up his ears, wanting to know more. Which is great! Curious people! The world needs more of them! And a spectacular designer/illustrator he is too, I should add. Onur, an architect who may want to work on virtual/generative architecture: A very imposing figure, he had all of us examiners spellbound during the entrance exams last June, not only by his presence but also by his grasp on his field. Barbaros, shy to a fault, a charming young cinematographer who looks to be very promising in what he wants to work on, which is visual narrative (broadly speaking) – as indeed does Naz, I should add. And then, of course, Deniz, who was my student last year as well. Not immediately obvious, but actually he is a riot. Comes across as cool as a cucumber and then knocks you sideways with laughter. He is already quite advanced in his Master’s project which is a graphic design generator working along the principles of evolution, that is a system whereby the result is derived at through a coded design interface working along the principles of variation, mutation, selection. Towards the end of the class he showed the group his work and we were all duly impressed. The 4 newbies obviously do not yet have a completely clear idea of what it is exactly that they want to work on, which is only natural. Early days…

Anyway, I have no idea where the 3 hours that I spent with them went to. It was so entertaining chatting with them that one minute the class had just started and the next minute we were running for the shuttle. They did want to know about Second Life and I did tell them of course. I doubt any of them will be working there, with the possible exception of Onur the architect. I think I will take them in next week and show them around a bit anyway. But whatever they do and wherever they end up doing it, it really does look like as if I will have a really good time with this bunch.


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