A sad sad day: My beloved computer died… (I think)


This was simply the best computer I have ever owned: A Toshiba Cosmio 17″ laptop. I have had her for the past 2 years and during all this time I couldn’t stop singing her praises. I have run Mac’s and really powerful desktop PC’s before she came into my life, but never ever anything quite as wonderful and fast as this machine. Never ever such smooth, crisp, shiny screen display. Ever!

Something went wrong with her grfx card about 2 months ago and they opened her up and changed the motherboard. I have been told very often by my computer engineer cronies that once a laptop gets “opened up” usually trouble will not leave afterwards: These are very sensitively assembled machines and apparently rummaging around in their innards, even if it is state of the art, highly trained, dedicated Toshiba service personnel that is doing the doctoring (which, in this case is just so of course) will pretty much mark the beginning of the end.

Seems they were right: Yesterday, suddenly the grfx cards started acting up again. Today she went into surgery and I haven’t heard back from them yet. But, even if they do fix her, which I am sure they will, I know that there will be more to follow from now on…

Foreseeing this, I have ordered a new, custom assembled desktop PC today and this new monster will arrive in a few days. Very powerful configuration: 4 gigs of RAM, quadruple processor, GeForce 9600 grfx card, 22″ monitor, bla bla… So, I will be able to see shadows in SL – finally…



Who gives a rat’s ass about shadows? I want my old computer back!!!!!


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