The Magick of Klein

It may not be to everyone’s taste. How could it be? Klein is hardcore: Nothing cute, nothing pretty, nothing sentimental. Hard solid concrete. Confusing, bewildering – deconstructed… Emergent… Klein is virtual. In the absolute sense of the word. Not only in how it looks but in how it is. In it’s essence, it’s premise, it’s raison d’etre. In how it is lived and experienced. Nothing stays the same. Things added, things deleted, things transformed at a rate with which the Second Life map has a hard time keeping up with at times. Virtual = Change

And then the times when it is abandoned and stasis sets in… No one there: Ka-na-da

And then the times when it is alive!

Klein is desolation and hope. Destruction and rebirth. Klein is change. Adaptability. Growth.

I am not hanging out at Syncretia these days. I built it. It is done. Complete. Finished. Syncretia  is sooo not virtual. No room for growth, no room for shock. No room for emotion even. A pretty, inane little island. A nice place to visit, not a terribly inspiring place to live. A silly little showcase – just about sums it up. I will tear the whole place down and rebuild it this summer.  Hopefully along the lines of what I have learned at Klein.

Meanwhile, Klein is home.


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