Presents for alpha.tribe!

Well… One present anyway. And as for the other one?


I would, of course, have to be a bit of a fool to consider what is presented in the following image as even remotely in the nature of a present:

Noob Philip Linden sculpty sculptures, arranged lovingly in a row by none other than Hack, gazing down upon us at alpha.tribe. So, are they placed there to keep us company during our lonely hours, toiling away on our little garment cottage industry over there? Or, are they in fact, what I very strongly suspect them to be? Stern mementos put in place to keep the tribe members on the straight and narrow? To ensure that we do not indulge in utterly objectionable behavior such as whipping off our underwear in front of all and sundry, as we are adjusting our clothes and skins? Reminding us that there could always be strangers present in front of whom such unseemly habits just simply will not do!?! (And that furthermore the Second Life camera is a most terrifyingly dangerous zoom gadget which these unknown entities could well be putting to good use from sims away, even as we speak!)…

True enough, they are all “away”, the Philip Lindens… But, as I know only too well from past experience, Hack has eyes in the back of his head. Extremely efficient ones at that. 20/20 vision!!! Indeed, a hawk is as blind as a bat by comparison… So, really – away shmaway…

Aaaah, well… Gift or sentry? In the end what does it matter? In these meager times one takes what one can get, in whichever package one gets it, I suppose: Obviously the guy gives enough of a damn to place relics that will remind us to behave ourselves at all times. No? Yes? hhh?

Quite a different proposition here with this one though (I am very thankful to be able to proclaim!):

Now, this is what I call a gift! Unequivocally so, in fact!

wolfie has placed a particle screen made of these amazingly elegant black cubes which emit wonderful particles, all perfectly coordinated with our color scheme (which Xia has foisted upon us with her silly red flowers, I might add), between the tracks and the piano! This must have been around for a few days, however, we only really noticed it yesterday: We have all been working on the opposite end of the upper deck, taking an endless series of photographs of ourselves against a green screen (don’t even ask, it’s a terribly long story, involving an RL relative, our cousin Murat…), so we were never near enough to set the particles into operation. Although we did notice something was going on since these beauties also activate themselves whenever the subway goes by!

It is really wonderful this thing. And it is wonderful that wolfie gave it to me…

But, again, as they say, never ever look a gift horse in the mouth: So, at the end of the day the sentries are as welcome as are the particles! ;-)


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