And what a collaboration this promises to be folks!

The good news is that I seem to be finally coming out of the creative slump – and about time too! The bad news is that Furry, Xia and Grapho are pissed off with me because I have sort of pushed them to the side and gone straight ahead with making my own stuff. We have agreed amongst ourselves that I will be designing “ominous” stuff, Grapho will be responsible for the men’s line (which may turn out to be somewhat ominous as well – I did catch him snooping around an all perms gas mask that he was thinking of downloading from SL-Exchange – cost a bloody fortune it did too!). Furry will be designing stuff for Furries – predictably enough you might say, but then of course you don’t know Furry. She is very heavily into black lace. Lola Montez is as nothing to her and she has been making some pretty bizarre amalgamations with the things she has purchased already, I have to say. And, last but not least, Xia will be going for the more floral, feminine sort of apparel. But I told her one Laura Ashley lookalike thingy and I am going straight over to the Lindens and closing your account. Just one puff sleeve or bow, or anything else even vaguely reminiscent of any girly-cutsey nonsense and that oh so gorgeous derriere of hers is toast! I mean, I do have a reputation to live up to, don’t I? But then again, she may yet surprise me: She has been known to come up with some pretty bizarre combinations before, putting together spiky arm braces and tulle ballet tutus… So, in that department too – at least for now, one tries to live in hope

I have basically started out by modifying Eloh Eliot skins. I am sticking to a more or less highly desaturated Drow theme to which I am adding tattoos. Particularly on the face and the skull. And then I am designing the garments around the skin. I have been working on a number of them but finally tonight one of them seemed to be more or less finished.

Ta raaa… This here is called Red Ammonite. I found this incredible filter in the Filter Forge library which was just begging to be put to good use. In fact I made three different skins out of just this one filter. I also have a black and a golden variety in the works. Anyway, back to this one: This comes with two skirts (here you are seeing just one), two headdresses, a big one and a smaller one (geared toward the more conservative avatar market out there I suppose – hhh), both of which rotate around the head. Don’t panic: The one shown here is actually the big one! I am not that cruel… Then let’s see, there is a prim collar and of course the textured stuff, which is all made out of reptile skin – shudderily wonderful!!! Love the stuff. Both the skirts are stiff balloon skirts. This one here has two layers, the upper one of which is thick and segmented, like as if it has been made out some kind of snakey metal… brrrr… All skirt panels got attached to prim belts on both of them: If there is one thing that I cannot abide it is those prim skirts where the prims get stuck unceremoniously into your midriff. Very no no no in my book… So mine will always get properly taken care of (I hope). Oh and the skirts and the headdress also emit light by the way- very softly, not so that you could get away with no face light on or anything like that but just a very subtle glow.

I am absolutely hopeless at making shoes, I find. I suppose that I will need to buy them pre-made for now. Any prim work for that mater. I am just not good enough. When I think of some of the prim work out there in the way of belts and what not – grrrrr… Where do those people get their talent from I wonder? Not to even mention their patience… And you know what really pisses me off? I bet you Xia will be an ace at this! I can see her even as we speak, whipping out stiletto shoes and 1000 prim attachments without so much as a blink of an eye!

I do not have any pretensions as to only creating outfits that cannot be made in RL: Tattoo artists here in Istanbul are absolute wizards. I see tattoos on the street that blow my socks off – and yes, even on people’s skulls! And basically tattoos, at least for now, seem to be my main premise. I want to do what I enjoy doing the most, which is designing stuff – and not paint myself into a corner with resolutions… But I may do some truly NPIRL stuff nonetheless: Like re-creating the Syncretia power plant as a wearable. Or maybe a jellyfish skirt? This last one I have even sort of started to work on…

So, will these be for sale? You betcha! The skins I will be giving away for free in separate boxes, in respect to Eloh Eliot – whom I consider to be the actual creator – not me with my piddly little additions over here. I will be charging 1L$ for them just so that I know how many people are actually buying them. But the outfits I will be charging appropriate amounts for, if for no other reason than that the upload fee does add up terribly. No matter how many times you double check with AvPainter (and what an application that is!), and no matter how much you do of whatever it is that one does in these types of situations, you still end up noticing misaligned things hours if not sometimes days later…

The shop has been set up but isn’t completely done yet and also I want to get these 3 clowns (Xia, Grapho and Furry) to put some of their stuff there as well before I go and start giving out slurls and things. And no, the shop is not at Syncretia, which as an educational island is strictly not to be used for commercial purposes but someplace else entirely. Big secret for now… hhh ;-)


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