Get a load o’ this people!…

She has gone and put on black hair. hhhhh…

I mean really? How is that gonna help, does she think? You see, the thing is that she is desperate for attention: Hack turned down her friendship offer, which, quite needless to say, I am totally totally totally thrilled about. Mossy did accept but then Mossy is a gentleman – I mean he would, wouldn’t he? But I can’t really see the two of them hobnobbing 19 to the dozen, can you? I am sure it will be quite a formal relationship. And also, he does of course know that she is my alt, so he may not have wanted to hurt my feelings. Whatever it is, I am sure it isn’t because he thinks that she is interesting or anything like that!

There is unfortunately, a small-ish fly in the ointment: She happens to be a pretty good driver. I hate to admit this, but she may in fact be better than me. (Which really is no great shakes, since I am not so great in that department to begin with). And, bless him, Hack does love his car races… Anyway, he certainly won’t be hearing it from me. And where is he even gonna get to see her drive and figure that one out? Eh?

But do go and look at that black hair ppl. Is she pathetic or what?


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