OK! This post is somewhat in the nature of a dire emergency!

I am sitting here, listening to someone talking about their Second Life artwork. If I don’t let off some steam right here and now, when it gets to be questions time at the end of this disrespectful little travesty of a presentation, I will have no choice but to get up, bite their heads off, throw it on the floor and then proceed to trample on it. And I would really rather not do that – it simply will not do…

The clumsiest of noob avatars, someone who obviously hasn’t yet had time enough to even take off their flip flops, is duck waddling around this thing which looks like it was built in a very badly outfitted kindergarten, out of kiddy paper and glue (all cut out with an extremely blunt pair of scissors no doubt); and to add insult to injury, displayed in the full glory of a graphics card which appears to be barely capable of rendering the web safe color palette. To do them justice they did spend the better part of their presentation elucidating us all about the utterly amazing concept that is behind this total joke that goes under the name of virtual f-art and spared us with all the visual minutiae of the actual thing itself!


I am so setting up that dictatorship people – you have no idea!


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