My RL website

I hate it. In fact I have a good mind to delete it. I really should. 

It is self important, obnoxious, pontificative (is there such a word even?). The amount of poo-faced, self conscious crap that is on there! And I actually enjoyed myself doing that? Did I really? Or was I trying to show off to all and sundry what a wonderfully deep and reflective sort of person I was? Yukk! 

I got here yesterday when I caught myself toying with the idea of whether it might not be a really cool thing to make a flip book called the Uncanny Valley. Images of poor, tortured, uncanny Alpha accompanied by this really rather wonderful text on the abject by Julia Kristeva. I have another one there on my website called entré loup et chien. Kind of like that. Verrrrry intellectual… Jesus! Bloody hell! This time last year I would have jumped on this bright little idea. You see things had to be ugly and joyless and repulsive and discomforting… and… and… and…   before they could become serious output. What was wrong with me? Why did I go along with this bullshit? And for so many years at that?

I made a burial chamber next to the furry/neko gym. In it is something that I harvested from my RL website, that I made like 5 years ago. It is bloody descriptive of what I am talking about. Entomophobia it is called. So, it goes in a burial chamber. The burial chamber of the self important, obnoxious, smug little cow who cobbled all of that gloomy stuff together. 

And I hope that she never ever returns!


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