Something rather wonderful happened tonight. My beloved brother Yacov Sharir has finally entered SL and met me there for the first time. We did use Skype since Yacov is still a total noob who needs to be taught the ropes and using external voice seemed to be the easiest way of getting him there.

Yacov is not really my brother. But he and I have been calling each other brother and sister for the longest time now and I really do feel like he is an older, wiser brother to me. He is chock full of commitments and has a busy and happy social life: A great job at the University of Texas at Austin as well as a wonderful wife and family; so I seriously doubt that he will become as hooked on SL as I am. But he will be in world every then and again since his university has acquired some land and he will be building there. It will be so nice to watch him make the environment his own and so reassuring to me that he will be there – at least sometimes.

Yacov is wonderfully talented. He is a dancer and a performance artist who has fully integrated the virtual into his RL artistic practice, combining real and virtual dancers on stage. His Lullaby, in which a real dancer and a wireframe rendered virtual being do the most touching of pas de deux, has brought tears into my eyes whenever I have watched it. Like I said, it will be a treat to see what he does in SL, it really will be.

Yacov is intelligent, perceptive, truthful, open minded, funny and possesses great common sense – an attribute I don’t think that I am too terribly well endowed with at all unfortunately. So, tonight we had a long conversation about real and virtual lives, something that Yacov knows more about than most. And he said something which I want to put down here: He said no matter how many worlds, how many lives – we only have one personality/self to go around. We can never ever leave that one behind since we have no control over it whatsoever to begin with…

We can maybe fragment it yes. But its essence stays put, quite out of our reach…


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