I have to write about Syncretia. I am supposed to submit a paper on “Building in SL” for a conference’s proceedings. Which means a scientific publication. And therein lies the rub: A scientific publication has to be referenced to the teeth and the citations have to originate from other scientific publications. Which means books, scientific journals and proceedings only. No blogs, no newspapers or regular journals whatsoever – and websites only if they do in fact have any kind of scientific relevance. Which means that I am stuck. 

Oh, I have plenty of ideas alright. I can write about terraforming, amphibian architecture, steampunk – all my favorite play things. “Play” I can write about and how relevant it is to building. This last one I can even reference. God knows there is enough valid reference material out there when it comes to “Homo Ludens”. But I do not feel at all ready yet to write about “play”. It is still too precarious a subject. My ties to it are way too tenuous and fragile and I do not want to sever them by sitting down and theorizing about it. 

Which leaves me with the tangible building issues – the absence of volumetric aids and so on and so forth. So, where do I get the references from? I have been scrounging around in scientific databases all week and there is nothing, nada, zippo on Second Life and building that I could even remotely use. So, I am really really really up shit’s creek without a paddle. I have decided to just sit down and start writing here in this blog, under a separate page. Helter skelter, in no particular order – just as it occurs to me, and then I will somehow try to figure it out as I go along I guess.


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