Politically Correct

Anyone who is actually taking the time to read this blog (and I honestly do not think that there are too many, the way I carry on endlessly over here) will have noticed that “politically correct” is my favorite bugbear. I have really come to loathe the term. 

This has mostly to do with what it seems to be doing to humor, my one favorite attribute above all others. But humor has a component of cruelty. Someone has to slip on a banana peel before we actually laugh. Something has to be wrong. When everything is exactly as it should be and absolutely wonderful and all of that good stuff, laughter will not occur. Humor is always unpredictable, mostly absurd and very often quite cruel. 

I have always watched the BBC. Or rather I used to – nowadays I don’t anymore. (Outside of Eastenders that is, I have been hooked on that for almost 20 years). Now, the BBC had the funniest comedy programs until about a decade or so ago. And look at it today; at the insipid, dreary stuff that even a 5 year old would probably not be able to raise a real smile at. They do have re-runs of old comedy shows though. But the very best ones, the ones that used to have me absolutely rotfl are conspicuously absent from the list… So, I was talking to someone who knows about these sorts of things the other day and the conversation came round to Monty Python. If they are airing a whole bunch of re-runs, why not Monty Python I wanted to know? And do you know that apparently they can’t anymore! Because Monty Python is too politically incorrect? 




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