Children need structure…

The journalist

… as any decent pedagogical work will immediately and relentlessly tell you. So, I am extremely pleased to be able to say that this hitherto missing condition in my life has been rectified by a recent offer made to me by Bettina Tizzy. I am to be meaningfully employed as one of the guest writers of the NPIRL blog! 

My initial assignment was a review of the Konica Minolta sims. So, first taking the opportunity for some shopping (as any woman endowed with any kind of common sense would, of course!) in order to kit myself as out as a journalist, I then set off for the isles. Initially I wanted to get a Safari hat for protection against the tropical conditions down there but in the end the Teddybear hat won the day. I am also toting two notepads (terribly forgetful I can be sometimes, so I decided to err on the side of caution – hh). So, one notepad on my belt and one on my arm. The steampunk goggles are for protection against the glaring sunlight and also come in very handy as an instant zooming aid. And of course I have my hunter boots on, complete with an extra pack of cigarettes, a knife and a couple of hand grenades. I mean, you never really know what you will encounter in these strange new lands do you?

I must admit to the fact that I have raked the poor gentlemen from Konica Minolta over the coals just a tad – but I do take my job very seriously, you know. So, no puff pieces please:

But all kidding aside, I am really very proud and happy to be part of the NPIRL blog. And seeing this published the other day gave me a thrill exactly like the one that I had when my first paper was accepted at Siggraph some years ago!

Notepad belt and arm cuff: Mehliii Lane
Hair: Sunnivah Jiutai
Teddybear hat and steampunk goggles: Waghorne Truss
Hunter boots: Emily Lelouch
Shirt and top: June Dion
Jeans: Rebel Hope
Skin: Cory Edo


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