So why blogging all of a sudden?

I have my own website, Citrinitas, and one that gets so many visitors that I have had to drastically increase my bandwidth, I might add. Some of what I put here originates from there and yet I have decided to keep two blogs, on the off chance that one may go down or whatever.

So why? I write too much. My emails are too long, I end up boring the pants off of people that have to read them – or don’t, as the case may be… I discovered, somewhat late in life, when I started doing my PhD a couple of years ago, that I enjoy writing. I also enjoy getting responses to what I write – this urge to communicate… But, like I said, I seem to be doing it where it isn’t at all appropriate. The website does not allow for responses but the blog will of course – that is what it is here for.  It is not like a private diary, I am not remotely interested in those. This people can read or not as they choose, comment or not as they choose.

I cannot talk to anyone in my Real Life about my Second Life. But I do need to talk about it, to sort out the countless thoughts and feelings that it generates. Main reason.


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